Core1262-868M LoRa Module, SX1262, Anti-Interference, EU868 Band, SPI Interface
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  • Core1262-868M LoRa Module, SX1262, Anti-Interference, EU868 Band

    The Core1262-868M is a LoRa core module which incorporates new-generation SX1262 chip. It has featuress including mini size, long range transmission, high anti-interference capability, and so on. The module uses EU868 band, combined with LoRa gateway, it can be connected to servers like TTN server to build LoRa network.

    Developer's Resources

    • New-generation SX1262, higher power efficiency and longer transmission distance than the traditional SX1278
    • EU868 band, combined with LoRa gateway, quick connection to cloud servers like TTN server
    • Comes with rich development resources and manual (examples for STM32, Raspberry Pi Pico)


    RF chip SX1262
    Frequency range EU868 (863~870MHz)
    Modulation LoRa/(G)FSK
    Data rate 0.018~62.5Kbps (LoRa)
    0.6~300Kbps ((G)FSK)
    Emit power > [email protected]
    Spreadind factor SF5 ~ SF12
    Operating voltage 3.3V
    Module power consumption emitting current: [email protected]
    receiving current: [email protected]
    Communication bus SPI
    Operating temperature -40 ~ 85℃
    Connector castellated edge / solder holes
    Dimensions 21.00×52.00mm



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