SX1303 868M LoRaWAN Gateway HAT for Raspberry Pi, Standard Mini-PCIe Socket, Long range Transmission
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  • This product is a LoRa Gateway module that incorporates a new-generation SX1303 normal band chip. It has lots of advantages including long-range transmission, large capacity node, and high receiving sensitivity. In addition, SX1303 supports concurrent communication. Due to the outstanding performance of SX1303 on low power consumption, the heat dissipation design of the Gateway can be simplified, thus reducing material cost, also achieving a smaller size.

    This product is SX1303 Based, we have another option with SX1302 with same HAT style mounting. 

    Developer's Resoources

    LoRaWAN Gateway Module features:

    • Integrates Semtech SX1303 normal band and SX1250 radio RF frond-end chip
    • Onboard PA and LNA, features +26dBm emit power and -141dBm high sensitivity receiving gain
    • The SX1303 supports Fine Timestamp and network positioning based on time difference of arrival (TDOA)
    • 52-pin Mini-PCIe socket for easy integration into various embedded systems
    • Onboard 4 LED indicators for module operating status
    • Comes with development resources and manual (example in C)

    HAT features:

    • Standard Raspberry Pi 40PIN GPIO extension header, supports Raspberry Pi series boards
    • Incorporate L76K module with GPS/BD support, provide accurate clock and location info for gateway module
    • Comes with development resources and manual (example in C)


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