USB to LoRa Data Transfer Module, Based On SX1262, LF 410~510MHz, XTAL 0~50℃
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    USB To LoRa Data Transfer Module SX1262 Solution, Driver-Free, Multi-System Compatible Supports Multiple Operating Modes, Portable And Easy To Use Suitable for data acquisition in industry and agriculture.


    This is Low Frequency 410-510MHz Variant with XTAL 


    USB-TO-LoRa-xF-B uses XTAL crystal oscillator and is recommended to be use in 0~50℃ temperature.


    Codes/ Schematic/ Datasheet etc.


    Compared to traditional communication, LoRa Chirp Spread Spectrum (CSS) and Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technologies greatly improve the performance of long-range communication and anti-interference, widely used in military and industrial communication fields.

    The USB-TO-LoRa-xF is a wireless data transfer unit with USB interfaces based on the SX1262 module. Adopts LoRa Modulate and Demodulate technology, with the advantages of anti-interference and long-distance communication (up to 5KM). Supports point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, relay network, AES, etc. Compact size and easy to install, suitable for the wireless data transmission and device control of industry standard or non-standard user protocol


    • Adopts LoRa Modulate and Demodulate technology, anti-interference and long-distance communication
    • Adopts the original SX1262 chip, with -148dBm reception sensitivity and 22dBm emitt power
    • Supports preamble detection, with CRC, automatic packetization, 960 bytes cache functions
    • Supports LBT sending, RSSI output, AT command configuration
    • AES communication to ensure data transmission security
    • Supports multi-level relay networking to increase the wireless communication distance
    • Supports host configuration and firmware upgrade (support firmware customization for batch order)
    • Comes with online development resources and manual



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