USB to CAN Adapter Model A, STM32 Chip Solution, Multiple Working modes, Multi-system Compatible
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  • This is a USB To CAN Adapter Model A, STM32 Chip Solution, Multiple Working Modes, Multi-System Compatible.



    • Supports CAN2.0A (standard frame) and CAN2.0B (extended frame)
    • CAN baud rate is configurable in the range of 5Kbps-1Mbps
    • Supports 4 working modes: normal mode, loopback mode, silent mode, silent loopback mode
    • Supports multiple CAN data sending modes: single frame, multiple frames, manually, regular and cyclic sending
    • Supports multiple CAN data receiving modes: can be configured to only receive data from a certain ID, or specify an ID to automatically answer the configured data
    • Data can be saved as TXT or Excel
    • Supports CAN bus detection for status checking
    • Sending/receiving CAN data with a time scale, allows sequentially displaying
    • Baud rate of the USB virtual COM port is configurable in the range of 9600 ~ 2000000bps (2000000bps by default)
    • Supports set working parameters by configuration software or serial command, can be saved after power off
    • Adopts STM32 chip solution, stable and reliable communication
    • Onboard TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressor), effectively suppresses surge voltage and transient spike voltage in the circuit
    • Comes with master computer software for Windows system, easy to use
    • Easy secondary development, just need to modify the sending and receiving commands



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    Onboard Peripherals

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