SX1262 868/915MHz LoRaWAN Node Module Expansion Board for Raspberry Pi, Without GNSS
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  • SX1262 868/915MHz LoRaWAN Node Module Expansion Board for Raspberry Pi, With Magnetic CB antenna - Basic Version

    This series of products are LoRa modules using the new generation of SX1262 RF chip, with the features of long communication distance and strong anti-interference ability. Suitable for Sub-GHz frequency band network, and is available in LF (410~510MHz) or HF (850~930MHz) frequency band versions. Combined with a LoRa gateway, it can be connected to servers such as TTN to build a LoRaWAN network. In addition to the basic LoRaWAN version, it also provides optional GNSS positioning function with GPS/BD support.


    User Manual / Datasheet / Example Codes Etc.



    • Standard Raspberry Pi 40PIN GPIO header, supports Raspberry Pi series boards
    • The new generation SX1262 has higher power efficiency and longer transmission distance than the SX1278
    • Suitable for Sub-GHz band, combined with the gateway, can be quickly connected to a cloud server such as TTN to build a LoRaWAN network



    • RF CHIP : SX1262
    • FREQUENCY BAND : LF: 410 ~ 510MHz / HF: 850 ~ 930MHz
    • MODULATION : LoRa / (G)FSK
    • DATA RATE : LoRa: 0.018 ~ 62.5Kbps / (G)FSK: 0.6 ~ 300Kbps
    • EMIT POWER : [email protected]
    • MODULE CURRENT CONSUMPTION : emitting current: 107mA@22dBm / receiving current: 5.3mA@125KHz
    • INTERFACE : 40PIN GPIO header


    Package Includes

    • SX1262 868/915M LoRaWAN HAT x1
    • 868/915M Magnetic CB antenna x1
    • IPEX to SMA adapter cable ~17cm x1
    • Screws pack x1
    • 2×20PIN female pinheader x1



    Pinout Definition

    What's On Board

    1. SX1262
      LoRa module
    2. L76K
      GNSS module
    3. Power chip
      5V to 3.3V LDO
    4. GPS STANDY mode ON/OFF
      OFF: turn off STANDY and GPS works normally
      ON: turn on STANDY, GPS stops outputting NMEA
    5. SET button
      Press to wake up the GNSS module in sleep mode
    1. GNSS module IPEX 1 connector
      L76K antenna connector
    2. LoRa module IPEX 1 connector
      LoRa antenna connector
    3. Status Indicator
      PWR: power indicator
      RXD/TXD: UART RX/TX indicator
      PPS: GPS status indicator
    4. Raspberry Pi 40PIN GPIO header
      for connecting with Raspberry Pi series boards
    5. LoRa module and GNSS module pin header



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