Core2530 (B) ZigBee Module, CC2530F256 Onboard, XBee Compatible Interface
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  • Core2530 is a ZigBee module based on CC2530F256, and the extension interface is compatible with XBee.

    Basically this module can be used in two aspects :

    • Develop application with the provided firmware
      • Combined with our provided firmware, this is a simple ZigBee wireless UART module, just as easy to use as any other UART module, and requires NO knowledge about the complicate ZigBee Specification
    • Develop your own firmware
      • In this case, you should start from the very underlying to create your solution, what's more, debuggers (like CC Debugger) and knowledge about ZigBee Specification are also required

    Specifications : 

    • Onboard chip: CC2530F256RHAR
    • Communication distance (open and wide operating environment): up to 130 meters when using PCB antenna
    • Frequency range: 2.4GHz
    • Wide supply-voltage range (2 V–3.6 V)
    • Operating temperature: -40℃ ~ 85℃
    • Serial port baud rate: 38400bps (default), different baud rates are available by software configuration
    • Dimension: 26mm x 28mm (PCB)

    Features : 

    • As easy to use as any UART modules
    • Provided firmware : Coordinator, Router, End Device
      • Router firmware is preloaded by default
    • Supports sending large data packet & fast broadcasting via UART
    • Supports programming via UART (thanks to the Bootloader, and an serial module is required)
    • Supports configuring via upper computer software : working mode, UART port, baudrate, signal channel, etc.
    • Optional hardware interface
      • XBee compatible straight through pin headers (soldered by default)
      • SMT stamp holes are also available (for batch purchase, the pin headers can be removed if required)
    • MISC
      • Auto networking (at least 1 Coordinator and 1 Router are required)
      • Real-time monitoring the signal intensity between Coordinator, Router, and End Device
      • Supports onboard PCB antenna and/or external IPEX antenna

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