CC2530 Evaluation Kit - ZigBEE Development Board for CC2530F256
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  • CC2530 Evaluation Kit - ZigBEE Development Board for CC2530F256

    This evaluation kit is an ideal solution to explore various features of RF Transceiver CC2530F256 by Texas Instruments. This evaluation board has all the neccessary components to program/ debug the CC2530 chip and explore all of its features. It consists of ZB502 Mother board and CC2530 Core Daughter Board.

    This evaluation kit can be used for follwing development -

    • Develop application with the provided firmware. Combined with our provided firmware, you can use this kit to set up a minimal ready-to-run ZigBee system for testing or evaluating, and requires NO knowledge about the complicate ZigBee Specification
    • Develop your own firmware, In this case, you should start from the very underlying to create your solution, what's more, debuggers (like CC Debugger) and knowledge about ZigBee Specification are also required

    Package Includes

    1. ZB502 Mother Board 
    2. CC2530 Daughter Board
    3. Antenna with SMA Connector
    4. USB Type A to Mini B Cable
    5. Connecting Wires Pack

    ZB502 Board Features 

    • Onboard battery holder, multi power supplies are available
    • All the IOs are accessible for easy expansion
    • Integrates CP2102 for debugging
    • LEDs and user keys

    1. ZigBee module connector: for easily connecting ZigBee modules
    2. I/Os interface
    3. USB interface
    4. UART/SPI interface
    5. ONE-WIRE interface
    6. Debugging interface
    7. 5V/3.3V power input/output: usually used as power output, also common-grounding with other user board
    8. CP2102
    9. AMS1117-3.3
    10. Power switch
    11. Serial port RX/TX indicator
    12. Power indicator
    13. User LEDs
    14. User keys
    15. Reset button
    16. UART0 jumper
    17. LED jumper
    18. KEY jumper

    CC2530 Features 

    • Easy to use as any UART Module
    • Firmware Provided - Coordinator, Router, End Device
    • Router Firmware is loaded by default
    • Supports sending large data packets & fast broadcasting using UART
    • Supports programming via UART using on chip bootloader
    • Supports configuration using Computer Application
    • Real time monitoring of Signal Intensity between coordinator, router and end device.
    • Auto Networking feature ( at least 1 coordinator and 1 router required)



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