nRF51822 BLE4.0 Development Board - Bluetooth Evaluation/ Development Kit
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  • nRF51822 BLE4.0 Development Board - Bluetooth Evaluation/ Development Kit


    NRF51822 Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy module based development contains everything you need to evaluate all the features of NRF51822 Bluetooth SoC. This development board kit contains NRF51822 module and BLE400 motherboard. The motherboard has all the expansiona dn debugging facility to develop your customized application arounf NRF51822 SoC.

    • All I/O of NRF51822 are usable through proper 2,54mm Pitch expansion.
    • Onboard battery holder, Multiple power supplies are possible.
    • Onboard CP2102 USB to TTL serial chip for easy debugging.
    • LEDs and user switch are provided on board.

    Documents and Developer's Resources

    1. NRF51822 SoC Datasheet [NORDIC]
    2. Visit Developer's resources page for this product, Find Demo Codes, Schematic etc.

    Package Includes

    1. 1x BLE400 Motherboard
    2. 1x Core51822 Module (nRF51822 chip module)
    3. 1x USB Cable


    1. Wearable Devices
    2. Smart Homes
    3. Data Acquisition Systems
    4. Intelligent Bluetooth Applications
    5. Industrial Controls

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