Our Packaging Standards

We provide best in class packaging to our customers. Depending on category of product we use different protective packaging materials and we make sure that your items reaches you in safe and ready to use conditions. We give utmost importance to our packaging quality and we do not compromise in packaging quality at any cost.

Packaging for Active Semiconductor Parts

We use antistatic shield tube or pouch for ESD sensitive products. We DO NOT ship active electronic parts without ESD protective shielding. ESD sensitive products includes Semiconductor Integrated Circuits/ Development Boards. Transistors and Diodes (except a few) are not included in ESD sensitive parts. We make sure that active parts do not get damaged due to any ESD activity during shipment. We use plastic antistatic tube to protect the ICs such that the IC pins do not bend due to external pressure. 

We also use Bubble wrap and Foam Pouches whenever required as per nature of items.

Packaging for Passive Parts and Connectors

For passive parts and connectors we use packaging materials such as corrugated boxes, Bubble wrap, Foam sheets, Shrink Wrap etc. to make sure that the items reaches you with no bend in shape, size and is ready to use. For connectors we often use plastic trays and small plastic boxes, it again depends on size, nature and quantity of items being sent. 

Packaging for Mechanical Parts

Mechanical parts are packaged either in plastic boxes or in heavy duty corrugated packaging. All mechanical parts are also shrink wrapped before they leave our warehouse. Our packaging standard for Mechanical parts make sure that the parts do not lose their outer finish and do not bend in shape and size.

Outer Packaging 

Once all the items are packaged safely as per their nature of sensitivity, we use either corrugated boxes or padded envelop to make a outer packaging shield. 

For feedback on our packaging standards, please provide your feedback at http://rarecomponents.com.feedback