R307 USB+UART Optical Fingerprint Sensor Module - Storage Capacity 1000 prints
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  • R307 fingerprint module has RS232 and USB2.0 at the same time.USB2.0 interface can connect to the computer;RS232 interface is TTL level, and the default baud rate is 57600, which can be changed. Please refer to the communication protocol.It can be connected with microcontroller, such as ARM, DSP and other equipment with serial port, and the microcontroller of 3.3v and 5V can be connected directly.When connecting to the computer, please pay attention to the level conversion, such as the MAX232 circuit. 

    After the fingerprint module is powered on, the fingerprint collection window will flash, indicating that the self-test is normal. If it does not flash, please carefully check the power supply, whether it is connected backwards or wrongly.The chip has some heat when working normally, this is normal phenomenon, the product has passed strict test, can rest assured to use.

    1. Integrated image collecting and algorithm chip together, ALL-in-One
    2. Fingerprint reader can conduct secondary development, can be embedded into a variety of end products
    3. Users can conduct secondary development, can be embedded into a variety of end products, such as: access control, attendance, safety deposit box, car door locks
    4. Low power consumption, low cost, small size, excellent performance
    5. Professional optical technology, precise module manufacturing technics
    6. Good image processing capabilities, can successfully capture image up to resolution 500 dpi
    7. Have finger detection function.

    User Manual

    Optical Fingerprint Module
    508 DPI
    DC 4.2-6V,or 3.3V
    Fingerprint Capacity
    Sensing array
    300000 pixel
    Fingerprint module size
    52*20*22 (mm)
    Effective collection area
    11 * 15 (mm)
    Scanning Speed
    < 0.2 second
    Verification Speed
    < 0.3 second
    Matching Method
    1:1; 1:N
    Work environment
    -20C ---50C
    Work Humidity
    Anti-static capacity
    Abrasive resistance intensity
    1 million times
    Communications baud rate (UART):
    (9600 × N) bps where N = 1 ~ 12(default N = 6, ie 57600bps)


    3.3VDC power can be selected to supply when short circuit as the following drawing.
    Attention: Operating carefully, otherwise the R307 will be damaged when wong connection. 


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