Fingerprint reader module - Serial Interface - UART Enabled
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  • Fingerprint reader module - Serial Interface - UART Enabled

    This fingerprint reader module is a one in all solution for fingerprint based biometric systems. This module is easiest to use among all the fingerprint reader in the market. This module has fingerprint sensor along with a processor board with STM32F205 controller. Provides high speed authentication, stable output. This module has some amzing inbuilt intelligence it can record fingerprints, process images, feature extraction, template generation, template storage, fingerprint matching and searching etc. 


    1. On board controller STM32F205
    2. Commercial feature extraction and matching algorithm, fast response
    3. Highly accurate optical sensor
    4. UART communication, can be interfaced with any microcontrollers, helps in building low cost systems
    5. Open protocol, input/ output fingerprint images, feature file, 


    1. Biometric access control systems
    2. Biometric attendance monitoring systems
    3. Variety of security applications
    4. Person identification for voting etc.

    Technical Specifications

    Parameter Specification
    Processor (CPU)  STM32F205
    Sensor HD optical
    Memory Built-in (extensible)
    Anti-wearing 1 million times
    Anti-electrostatic 150KV 
    Fingerprint capacity 1000
    False acceptance rate <0.001% (on security level 5) 
    False rejection rate <0.1% (on security level 5) 
    Current <50ma 
    Input time <0.5s
    Matching time <0.5s
    Matching mode 1 : 1 
    1 : N 
    Security level 1-10 (supports customization)
    Output formats User ID, Image, Feature
    Feature size 196 Byte
    Feature template size  512 Byte 
    Template rule standard ISO19794-2 
    Communication interface UART
    Communication baud rate 9600-57600bps
    Power supply UART, external power
    Voltage level 3.3-7.5V 
    Operating temp. -20℃ to 60℃
    Relative humidity 40%RH to 85%RH (without condensation)


    Development Resources


    Processing board dimensions


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