GROW R503-M22 UART, IP65, DC3.3V, RGB LED Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor Module With 200 Finger Capacity
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  • GROW R503-M22 UART, IP65, DC3.3V, RGB LED Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor Module With 200 Finger Capacity

    This is an GROW R503-M22 UART Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor Module, Which make by Hangzhou Grow technology Co., Ltd.The Gorw R503-M22 fingerprint sensor module comes with UART interface, IP65 Water Proof Rating and 200 finger capacity. This fingerprint module support with Arduino, Android, Windows, Linux, .Net and so on.  

    • Integrated image collecting and algorithm chip together, ALL-in-One
    • The flexibility to adapt to the conditions was the fingers, whether it is dry fingers, wet fingers, light texture fingerprints fingers, and old fingers, all have high recognition rate 
    • The main application areas: can be embedded into a variety of end products, such as: access control, attendance, safety deposit box


    User Manual



    • Classification : Fingerprint Module
    • Interface : UART
    • Voltage : DC3.3V
    • Effective Collection Area : 15mm
    • Sensor Array : 192x192 pixel
    • Resolution : 508dpi
    • Fingerprint Capacity : 200



    • Interface:RS232 (TTL)
    • Resolution:508 DPI
    • Voltage:DC 3.3V
    • Working current(Fingerprint acquisition):20mA      
    • Standby current(finger detection): Typical touch standby voltage: 3.3V, Average current: 2uA
    • Fingerprint capacity:200
    • Sensing Array:192*192 pixel
    • Fingerprint module external size: diameter 25mm
    • Fingerprint module inner size: diameter 22mm(M22)
    • Fingerprint module height: 15mm
    • Effective collection area: diameter 15mm
    • Connector: SH1.0-6pin
    • LED Color: RGB
    • LED Control: Yes
    • ScanningSpeed:< 0.2 second
    • Verification Speed:< 0.3 second
    • Matching Method:1:1; 1:N
    • FRR (False Rejection Ratio):≤0.01%
    • FAR (False Acceptance Ratio):≤0.00001%
    • Antistatic capacity:15KV
    • Abrasive resistance intensity:1 million times
    • Peak power consumption:60 mA
    • Work environment:-20°C ---55°C
    • Work Humidity:0-90%
    • Communications baud rate (UART):(9600 × N) bps where N = 1 ~ 12(default N = 6, ie 57600bps)

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