GM65 1D/2D Barcode QR Code Scanner Module USB + UART Output
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  • GM65 Bar code reader module is a high performance scanner, can read 1D bar code easily and read 2D bar code with high speed. It also wins high scan speed for linear code, even for bar code on paper or screen. GM65 bar code reader module is an advanced bar code decoding algorithm which developed on image recognition algorithm, can easily and accurately read bar code, simplify secondary development. GM65 works stable in dark and large temperature range.


    User Manual


    • USB wired barcode scanner to capture 1D, 2D code on labels, paper, mobile phone or computer.
    • High-efficiency recognition and high upload speed for improving your working efficiency.
    • With buzzer for reminding you that the scanning successfully or not.
    • Compatible with USB and UART interface.
    • Over 180 configurable options
    • Macro support replace a string in the bar code with another
    • Programmable preamble postamble and termination strings
    • Superior reading performance utilizing advanced decoding algorithms


    Package Includes

    • GM65 Scanner PCBA
    • USB to JST Cable
    • Connector cable for UART

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