Capacitive Fingerprint Reader - UART - USB
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  • Capacitive Fingerprint Reader - UART - USB

    The Capacitive Fingerprint Reader is a standard fingerprinting module designed for secondary development, allows fast and stable fingerprint verification.

    Based on a high-speed digital processor STM32F105R8, combined with high-security commercial fingerprinting algorithm, and advanced semiconductor sensor, the Capacitive Fingerprint Reader becomes a simple but smart integration module, provides functionalities like fingerprint enrolling, image processing, feature finding, template generating and storing, fingerprint matching and searching, etc.


    • Easy to use by some simple commands, you don't have to know any fingerprint technology, or the module inter structure/calculation
    • Commercial fingerprinting algorithm, stable performance, fast verification
    • Sensitive detection, just touch the collecting window lightly, without pressing
    • Allows to freely input/output fingerprint images, fingerprint feature file and other fingerprinting actions
    • Dual communication, UART or USB
    • Processor will enter sleep and wake up when detecting, achieves low power consumption
    • Comes with rich related resources (software on PC, development SDK, tools, and examples for Raspberry/Arduino/STM32

    Development resources 



    Parameter Value
    Processor (CPU)  STM32F105
    Sensor Semiconductor (capacitive)
    Module dimension (mm) 45 x 30
    Sensor dimension (mm) 33.4 x 20.4
    Image DPI 508
    Image resolution 192 x 256
    Sensing area (mm) 9.6 x 12.8
    Fingerprint capacity 1000 (expandable)
    Security level 0-9 low to high security, 5 by default
    Matching time 1s
    False acceptance rate 0.0001%
    False rejection rate 0.01%
    Dynamic current <40mA
    Operating voltage 3.3V-5V
    Communication UART or USB
    Anti-electrostatic aerial discharge: ± 15KV
    contact discharge: ± 8KV

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