ST-LINK/V2 (mini), STM8/ STM32 Programmer & Debugger
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  • Mini ST-LINK/V2 on a small single board, an extreme low cost solution for in-circuit debugger/programmer for STM8 and STM32

    • Onboard 500mA self-recovery fuse to avoid harming by short circuit
    • Dual voltage output (3.3V/5V), easy for debugging/programming
    • Standard USB interface for direct connection to PC
    • Debugging/Programing performance
      • Debugging : run at full-speed, single-stepped, breakpoints, viewing variables and registers, etc.
      • Programming : supports FLASH ROM, EEPROM, AFR, etc.
    • USB2.0 combined with SWIM/SWD interfaces : quick response for debugging & fast speed for programming
    • Upgradable firmware
      • The firmware is upgradable to support more devices in the future
      • Automatically upgraded
    • Supported software
      • ST-LINK Utility v2.0 (or higher ver.)
      • STVD Version 4.2.1 (or higher ver.)
      • STVP Version 3.2.3 (or higher ver.)]
      • IAR EWARM Revision v6.20 (or higher ver.)
      • IAR EWSTM8 Revision v1.30 (or higher ver.)
      • KEIL RVMDK Revision v4.21 (or higher ver.)
      • ATOLLIC
      • TASKING
    • Supported devices
      • All the STM8 devices with SWIM interface
      • All the STM32 devices with SWD interface

    Package Includes : 


    1. ST-LINK/V2 (mini) × 1
    2. 4-pin  custom connector cable × 1
    3. USB type A plug to receptacle cable × 1

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