Samsung INR18650-25R 3.7V 2500mAh 20A Discharge - Original Samsung SDI
Make: Samsung SDI
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  • Quick Features : 

    • → Manufacturer - Samsung SDI Malaysia
    • → Model - INR18650-25R (25R)
    • → Size - 18650
    • → Style - Flat Top
    • → Capacity - 2500mAh
    • → Discharge Current - 20A Continous 
    • → Nominal Voltage - 3.6V
    • → Maximum Voltage - 4.2V
    • → Cut-off Voltage - 2.5V
    • → Approximate Weight - 45g
    • → Country of Origin - Malaysia


    Samsung 25R (INR18650-25R) is one of the most commonly used 18650 cells available on the market due to its high production volume and low commodity price. The 25R is a mid-power range cell at 2500mAh capacity and 20A maximum continuous discharge excellently balanced for use in mid to high power 18650 battery pack applications, power tools and more. 

    There are lot of fake cells in the market with samsung label on them and it is quite hard to differentiate the fake ones from the genuine ones. We have tested these cells for performance and procured them from reliable sources to make sure that these are genuine cells and not the fake ones easily available in the market. We tested these cells for capacity and discharge rate with multiple experiments in order to ensure we supply only the genuine products to our customers.  

    Package Includes - 1x Samsung 25R M 18650 Cell


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