BT201 Bluetooth Audio Receiver Playback Module - BT/UDISK/TF Card Playback - Serial AT command MCU Control, 3W Amplifier, SPP Pass through
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  • BT201 Bluetooth Audio Receiver Playback Module - BT/UDISK/TF Card Playback - Serial AT command MCU Control, 3W Amplifier,  SPP Pass through

    BT-201 is a Mono MP3 Bluetooth Digital Power Amplifier Module. It supports Bluetooth/U-disk/TF card audio input. Built-in 3W amplifier function, so the user can connect speakers directly. Support select music and adjust the volume. The most unique and useful feature of this module is its serial interface (RXD, TXD) which allows audio control via serial AT commands. There is a whole list of AT commands that can support the manipulation of playback volume, file and much more. You can develop all kind of smart speaker applications using this versatile module. A simple tutorial for Arduino interfacing on a similar module can e found here, after a few small modifications this library can be used with BT201 module as well.

    User Manual [AT commands documentation]



      1. Built-in 3W amplifier
      2. Support DC 5V input
      3. Industrial design stable and efficient
      4. Support BLE/SPP data transmission
      5. MP3 15meter lossless data transmission
      6. Support UART 
      7. Support button adjust control
      8. Support U-disk(Max 128G)
      9. Support TF card(Max 128G)


      1. Model:BT-201
      2. Work voltage:DC 3.3V-5V
      3. Quiescent current:20mA
      4. Support file format:MP3/WAV/WMA/FLAC/AAC/APE
      5. UART interface:TTL level
      6. Baud rate:Adjustable
      7. Output power:4ohm 3W
      8. Operating Temperature:-20℃~85℃
      9. Operating Humidity:5%~95%RH
      10.Module Size:60*40*8mm

    Button description:

      1. PREV/V-: Short press to select previous music.Long press to decrease volume.
      2. NEXT/V+: Short press to select next music.Long press to increase volume.
      3. MODE: Switch audio input type from Bluetooth,U-disk,TF card.
      4. PP: Play or Pause.


      1. Automatically generate Bluetooth MAC address.
      2. Support MP3/WAV/WMA/FLAC/AAC/APE file format decoding.
      3. Maximum support 128G U-disk and TF card.
      4. Support breakpoint memory and play memory.
      5. Support Bluetooth audio input.
      6. Support play/pause,switch previous/next music.
      7. Support phone call function.User can set cancel call.
      8. Support Answer/Hang up/Call back/Refuse for phone call.
      9. Support Bluetooth 5.0.
      11.Maximum communication distance about 15meter.
      12.Frequency range 2.4GHz~2.480GHz.Class2 4dbM.

    UART description:

      1. Baud rate:115200bps(User can set by command)
      2. Data bit:8bit
      3. Stop bit:1bit
      4. Check Digit:None
      5. Control flow:None
      6. Control command format: AT+<CMD>[<param>]rn
      7. Return data format: <IND>[<param>]rn
      8. AT+:The start of a control command.
      9. <CMD>:Specific control command.
      10.[<param>]:The parameter of CMD if need.
      11.rn:Enter and Wrap.
      12.<IND>:The start of return data.


      1pcs BT-201 MP3 Bluetooth Digital Power Amplifier Module

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