Panasonic NCR18650B 3400mAh 4.9A 18650 Li-ion Battery Cell - Original
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  • Panasonic NCR18650B 3400mAh 4.9A 18650 Li-ion Battery Cell - Original 

    High energy density Lithium Ion battery cell. Capacity of 3400mAh is one of the highest found in 18650 size format. Suitable for variety of portable electronics devices. Ideal for notebook PCs, handheld devices.

    Technical Datasheet [PDF] 

    Given the worries around a lot of fake versions of NCR18650B in the market. We guarantee the genuineness of the cell that we list on our webstore. We perform a thorough testing of each incoming lot for battery capacity, internal resistance, weight etc. You can be 100% sure about the quality of the product that you receive. 

    Features : 

    • Rated Capacity - 3400mAh
    • Min - 3250 mAh
    • Typical - 3350 mAh
    • Max Discharge Current  - 4.9A
    • Nominal Voltage - 3.6V
    • Weight - 48.5g max
    • Energy Density  - 676 Wh/l (Volumetric)

    Warning - This is a strictly technical product, not meant to be directly used by end consumer. Li-ion battery cells, if not handeled properly, can result in fire hazards. When you buy these cells, make sure you know how to use them is safe manner. To be used strictly by trained engineers/ technicians only. 


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