Environment Sensor HAT for Raspberry Pi, I2C Bus, Onboard TSL25911FN + BME280 + ICM20948 + LTR390-UV-1 + SGP40
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  • Introduction

    This environment sensors module gives Raspberry Pi the ability to collect environment data like temperature & humidity, air pressure, ambient light intensity, VOC, IR ray, UV ray, etc. It can also be used to build a robot that can detect motion and orientation.




    • 40PIN GPIO, Compatible with all the Raspberry Pi Boards.
    • Onboard TSL25911FN digital ambient light sensor, for measuring IR and visible light
    • Onboard BME280 sensor, for measuring temperature, humidity, and air pressure
    • Onboard ICM20948 motion sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer
    • Onboard LTR390-UV-1 sensor, for measuring UV rays
    • Onboard SGP40 sensor, for detecting ambient VOC
    • Onboard 1.3inch OLED display, for displaying environment data in real-time
    • I2C bus allows reading and displaying data by just using two wires
    • Comes with development resources and user manual (python examples)


    TSL25911 digital ambient light sensor
    I2C Address 0x29
    Effective range 0~88000Lux
    BME280 Temperature, Humidity, and Air pressure sensor
    I2C Address 0x76
    Temperature detection -40~85°C (0x01°C resolution, ±1°C accuracy)
    Humidity detection 0~100%RG(0.008%RH resolution, ±3%RH accuracy, 1s response time, ≤2%RH delay)
    Air pressure detection 300~1100hPa (0x18Pa resolution, ±1hPa accuracy)
    ICM20948 Motion Sensor
    (9-DOF: 3-Axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscrope, 3-axis magne tometer)
    I2C address 0x68
    Accelerometer resolution 16-bit
    Accelerometer range (configurable) ±2, ±4, ±8. ±16g
    Gyroscope resolution 16-bit
    Gyroscope range (configurable) ±250, ±500, ±1000, ±2000°/sec
    Magnetometer resolution 16-bit
    Magnetometer range ±4900µT
    LTR390-UV-1 uv sensor
    I2C Address 0x53
    Response wavelength 280nm - 430nm
    SGP40 VOC sensor
    I2C Address 0x60
    Mwasuring range 0 ~ 1,000 ppm ethanol equivalent
    Limit condition <0.05 ppm ethanol equivalent OR < 10% preset concentration point (the larger one should prevail)
    Response time <10 s (tau 63%)
    Start time < 60s
    On-chip humidity compensation support


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