USR-G786-G 4G Cellular DTU Modem with Global LTE Bands Support RS232 / RS485 Modbus Support
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  • USR-G786-G 4G Cellular DTU Modem with Global LTE Bands Support RS232 / RS485 Modbus Support


    USR-G786-G is an RS485 Electrical Isolation Protection 4G cellular modem that has perfect functions and covers most of the conventional application scenarios. Users can use the cellular modem USR-G786-G to realize data transmission between RS232 / RS485 and 4G networks through simple configuration.

    Reliable Serial to 4G Cellular Communication. With RS232 or RS485 interfaces, full network coverage, wide temperature and wide voltage, multicenter transmission。 Provides wireless data communications between field serial devices and the central control system to enable remote control of industrial field sites.G786-G is ideal for M2M and IoT applications including distribution automation, smart metering, water & wastewater, heating, street light monitoring and etc.



    • Global Bands, Covering Global Regions
    • RS485 Electrical Isolation
    • High Reliability, High Rate, Low Latency
    • FOTA Remote Upgrade



    Socket Demo Zip

    PC Test Software

    Virtual COM Software Setup

    Setup Software USR-CAT4 V1.0.2

    USR VCOM Setup V3.7.2.529

    RoHS Certificate

    USR G786 Datasheet

    User Manual



    LTE Category LTE CAT.4

    RS485 (Terminal)*1, RS232 (Terminal)*1

    Baud Rate 2400 ~ 230400
    Antenna SMA Female
    Indicators Power, Work, Net, Link
    Reload Button
    Input Voltage 9V ~ 36V
    Enclosure Material Metal
    Dimensions 111.51×94×28 (in mm)
    Certification CE, RoHS

    Transparent Transmission

    • Provide data two-way transparent transmission between field
    • serial devices and the central control server
    • Support 2 Socket connections, support TCP Client and UDP
    • Support custom heartbeat package and registration package
    • Private protocols can be customized


    HTTPD Client

    HTTPD Client submit serial data to the designated server by HTTP (GET/POST) method


    Modbus RTU to TCPModbus RTU/Modbus TCP protocol conversion for industrial SCADA systems and field devices.


    Registration Package plus Heartbeat Package

    • The registration packet is sent to the server to identify the device.
    • The heartbeat packet is used to judge the active state of the device when sent to
    • the server, and actively collect data when sent to the serial terminal.
    • The contents of the registration package and heartbeat package, heartbeat interval can be modified by AT command.


    Product Details:


    G786 supports customized development based on many different protocols such as MQTT and Modbus required by users.

    Air Compressor IoT Monitoring System

    The electromagnetic interference generated by the air compressor during operation often affects the normal operation of other equipment. USR-G786 adopts high-reliability RS485 electrical isolation to shield electromagnetic interference while transmitting data.

    Charging Pile - Data Transmission

    When the charging pile is working, the data can quickly upload to the cloud server through the USR-G786, which is convenient for the platform operators to manage piles.

    Agricultural IoT Environment Monitoring

    USR-G786 can quickly upload the data collected by various sensors in an agricultural greenhouse to a remote server through LTE or GPRS network. This is convenient for the control center to monitor the environmental dynamics of greenhouse in real-time and makes timely responses.

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