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Ethernet to Serial UART TTL Converter Module - USR-TCP232-T2
Ethernet to Serial TTL Converter Module - USR-TCP232-T2...
Ex Tax: ₹999.00
Industrial  RS232/RS485 Modbus to Ethernet Converter - USR-TCP232-410S - Power Adapter and Serial Cable Included
Modbus to Ethernet Converter USR-TCP232-410S can realiz...
Ex Tax: ₹2,949.00
Industrial RS232/RS485/RS422  to Ethernet Converter USR-TCP232-306, Power Adapter Included
Ethernet to serial converters USR-TCP232-306 support both in...
Ex Tax: ₹1,968.00
Industrial RS485 to Ethernet Converter -  USR-TCP232-304 - Power Adapter Included
1-port RS485 to Ethernet converters USR-TCP232-304 can trans...
Ex Tax: ₹1,499.00
Industrial RS485/ RS232 to WiFi / Ethernet Converter - USR-W610
USR-W610 is both an RS485 to WiFi Converter and an RS232 to ...
Ex Tax: ₹3,249.00
USR-TCP232-E2 Dual Serial UART TTL to Ethernet Converter Module
Serial TTL to Ethernet modules USR-TCP232-E2 are used for da...
Ex Tax: ₹1,549.00
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