USR-K2 Serial to Ethernet Converter Super Port
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  • USR-K2 Serial to Ethernet Converter (Super Port)

    The USR-K2 product is an small package, intelligent plug-and-play UART to Ethernet adapter. K3 enables any device or machine with a serial port(UART), to become Ethernet network and Internet enabled, and have network data transmit ability. It features a powerful built-in device server, so you can access your serial device from anywhere in the world over internet! The USR-K3 is easily configured via local network, or through the serial port and web pages.

    USR-K2 adopts Cortex-M0 processor with a main frequency of up to 48MHz. It has the exact same appearance as K3. Users can switch between the two models without any change in hardware.





    • New Cortex-M4 kernel, industrial working temperature range(-40~85℃), elaborate optimization TCPIP protocol stack, stable and reliable.
    • Auto-MIDX function, discretionarily connect cross-over or direct network cable, automatic switching.
    • Support TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP, UDP Server, HTTPD Client,websocket, various of ethernet protocols.
    • Support virtual serial port, provide corresponding software.
    • Serial port highest baud rate from 600bps to 1024Kbps.
    • Single DC3.3V supply.
    • Support DHCP. User can find the device within LAN network through the UDP broadcast protocol(using software USR-TCP232-M4 Setup).
    • Provide PC TCP/IP SOCKET programming example, VB, C++, Delphi, Android, IOS.
    • A built-in web page, also parameter setting via web, can customize web pages for users.
    • Can also set parameters via UDP broadcast, provide the set up protocol.
    • RJ45 status indicator light, RJ45 interface built-in isolation transformer, 2 KV isolation.
    • The global unique MAC address bought from IEEE, the user can also use their own mac(please state when you make order).
    • Support upgrade firmware via network.
    • Support visit IP and domain name at the same time
    • Support up to 8 link from client when act as TCP Server, same data will be send to all client.
    • Can modify http server port from default port 80 for module built-in http server.
    • Support Keepalive, detect a dead link quickly and make connection more stable



    • Processor : Atmel Cortex-M0
    • Frequency : 48MHz
    • Electromagnetic Isolation Level 2KV
    • Protocol Conversion:Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP
    • Powerful TI Chipset with Maximum Performance
    • Wide Operating Temperature:-40~85℃
    • Customized Webpage to enhance user's brand influence
    • Multiple Config:Built-in Webpage, Config Software, AT command, Open Configuration



    • Fire and Security Panels
    • Vending Machines
    • Point of Sale Terminals
    • Remote equipment management
    • IT management services
    • Access Control
    • Industrial Control
    • Home Automation
    • Instrumentation
    • Building Control
    • Power Management





    TTL to Ethernet Converter


    Bidirectional Transparent Transmission



    Powerful TI SoC with Maximum Performance

    The module adopts TI Cortex-M4 SoC

    which can provide improved


    performance and higher stability.




    Function Block Diagram

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