WS2811S RGB Pixel Strip - 50 LED Pixels - 12mm - 5inch Wire- Diffused - IP68 Waterproof - Neopixel Compatible
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  • WS2811S Individually Addressable RGB Pixel Strip - 50 LED Pixels - 12mm - 5inch Wire- Diffused - IP68 Waterproof - Neopixel Compatible 

    50 RGB LED connected in a strip with each LED pixel controlled by WS2811S IC. This strip is Neopixel compatible and can be controlled using Adafruit's neopixel library for Arduino. This RGB LED strip will work with any library of or RGB LED controller compatible with Ws2811S based LED strips. Pixels are diffused but intense enough for static as well as animated advertisement display boards.

    Wire length betwwen two pixels is 5 inches.

    Learn to use this Product at - Adafruit's Tutorial and Arduino Library for WS2811S compatible RGB LED Strips


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