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SP002E Pixel LED Controller WS2812 WS2811Mini RGB LED Strip Controller - 2048 Pixels
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  • SP002E WS2812 WS2811Mini RGB LED Strip Controller - 2048 Pixels - Pixel LED controller

    Mini RGB LED controller suitable for WS2812 , WS2811 chip based LEDs. Works in various modes and speeds. 3 tactile switches on the module to switch the display function mode and variation speed. SP002E is low cost and easy to use. Supports 76 different display functions.


    • Operating Voltage: DC5V-24V (Choose according to voltage rating of your LED strip)
    • Control Range - 2048 pixels
    • Supported IC - WS2812, WS2811 based LED strips
    • 3 tactile switches (MODE+, SPEED, MODE-) to change display mode and speed.
    • Pressing MODE+ and MODE- together at the same time will put the module into Auto mode.


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