MQ-5 Gas Sensor - LPG, Natural Gas, Coal Gas - Sensor Module
Make: WaveShare Electronics Co.
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  • Overview

    • Fast response and recovery.
    • Proportional analog voltage output.
    • Adjustable Sensitivity
    • Signal output detector
    • Sensitive to LPG, Natural Gas and Coal Gas
    • Power - 2.5V - 5.0V
    • Size - 40mm x 21mm

    Resources -

    Visit product's Wiki page for demo codes, schematic etc.

    Gas Sensor Selection Guide

    Sensor Model Sensitive Gas Application
    MQ-135 Gas Sensor Benzene, Alcohol, Smoke Air Quality Monitor
    MQ-2 Gas Sensor LPG, Propane, Hydrogen  Gas leakage detector
    MQ-3 Gas Sensor Alcohol, Ethanol Breath Analyzer
    MQ-5 Gas Sensor LPG, Natural Gas, Coal Gas Gas Leakage Detector
    MQ-7 Gas Sensor Carbon Mono Oxide Carbon Mono Oxide Montor







    Package Content - 

    1. 1x MQ5 Sensor Module
    2. 1x Custom 4 Pin connector


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