Liquid Level Sensor - 48mm Depth - Analog Output
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  • Liquid Level Sensor - 48mm Depth - Analog Output

    Easy to use liquid level sensor alram with precise analog output. The analog output voltage increases in proportion to the depth of immersion of sensor into the liquid. Maximum depth to be measured using this module is 48mm. This sensor can be put into any liquid hodling body and can be used to measure the precise amount of liquid present in the container otr can be used to detect an overflow. Can be interfaced with any microcontroller with analog input or can be used with simple op-amp based comparator circuit.

    • Detection Depth - 48mm
    • Power Supply - 2V - 5V
    • Dimension - 19mm x 63mm
    • 2 mm Mounting Holes  
    • Pin out - Analog Out, Vcc, Ground

    Package Include - 


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