USB to RS232/485 Serial Converter, Onboard Original FT232RNL Chip, Multiple devices applicable, Multi-OS compatible
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  • USB to RS232/485 Serial Converter, Onboard Original FT232RNL Chip, Multiple devices applicable, Multi-OS compatible

    The USB to RS232/485 Serial Converter, equipped with the state-of-the-art FT232RNL chip for unparalleled performance and reliability. This converter seamlessly bridges the gap between modern USB interfaces and traditional RS232/485 serial communication, catering to a diverse range of devices with its versatile functionality.

    The onboard FT232RNL chip ensures high-speed data transfer and efficient communication, making it ideal for applications that demand precision and real-time data exchange. Whether you're connecting industrial equipment, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), or various electronic devices, this converter guarantees seamless compatibility and a robust connection.


    User Manual / Datasheet / Example Codes Etc.



    • Adopts original FT232RNL chip, fast communicating, stable and reliable, better compatibility
    • Onboard TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressor), effectively suppresses surge voltage and transient spike voltage in the circuit, lightningproof & anti-electrostatic
    • Onboard self-recovery fuse and protection diodes, ensure the current/voltage stable outputs, provide over-current/over-voltage proof, improve shock proof performance
    • Onboard RS232/485 communication switching circuit, configured by switch
    • Onboard 120R terminal resistor on the RS485 interface, enabled/disabled via switch
    • 3 LEDs for indicating the power and transceiver status
    • Adopts ABS protection case, compact size, portable and easy to use, cost-effective



    • PRODUCT TYPE : USB to RS232/485 converter
    • DEVICE PORT : RS232/485
    • OPERATING SYSTEM : Mac, Linux, Android, Windows 11 / 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7



    • Operating voltage : 5V
    • Connector : Type-A male
    • Protection : 200mA self-recovery fuse
    • Transmission distance : About 5m



    • Connector : Screw terminal
    • Transmission distance : About 15m
    • Transmission mode : Point-to-point
    • Baud rate : 300bps ~ 921600bps



    • Connector : Screw terminal
    • Direction control : Hardware automatic control
    • Protection : TVS diode, surge protection & ESD protection (onboard 120R balancing resistor)
    • Transmission distance : About 1.2km(low rate)
    • Transmission mode : Point-to-multipoints (up to 32 nodes, it is recommended to use repeaters for 16 nodes or more)
    • Baud rate : 300bps ~ 921600bps



    • PWR : Red power indicator, lights up when there is USB connection and voltage is detected
    • TXD : Green TX indicator, lights up when the USB port sends data
    • RXD : Blue RX indicator, lights up when the device port sends data back



    • Temperature : -15℃ ~ 70℃
    • Humidity : 5%RH ~ 95%RH


    Onboard Interface


    • 120Ω resistor switch : enable or disable RS485 terminal 120Ω resistor
    • RS232/485 switch : for switching RS232 for RS485 communication
    • RX_ B: : RS232 receive data / RS485 differential signal negative B-
    • TX_ A: : RS232 transmit data / RS485 differential signal positive A+
    • GND: : RS232/485 signal ground



    Onboard Original Chip



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