ST3215-HS Servo - Bus Servo Motor, 106PRM High Speed, Large Torque, With 360 Degrees High Precision Magnetic Encoder
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  • ST3215-HS Servo - Bus Servo Motor, 106PRM High Speed, Large Torque, With 360 Degrees High Precision Magnetic Encoder

    This product is a high-torque programmable serial bus servo motor with a 360° high-precision magnetic encoder, enabling angle control within a 360° range, with a maximum speed of up to 106 RPM. It can be controlled programmatically to set any angle as the servo motor's middle position. It can also be switched to operate as a continuous rotation motor (speed closed-loop control) or stepper motor mode. The motor has a built-in acceleration and deceleration function, ensuring smoother motion.

    Each servo motor has two interfaces, allowing for multiple motors connected in series. Theoretically, it can simultaneously control 253 bus servo motors, and each one can provide information about its current angle, load, voltage, and mode. It is suitable for robotic projects that require closed-loop control, such as robotic arms, hexapod robots, humanoid robots, and wheeled robots.

    Additionally, we offer an open-source 12-degree-of-freedom robotic dog model specifically designed for this type of servo motor. You can download the model and engineering files of this open-source structure from the information section at the bottom


    User Manual / Datasheet / Example Codes Etc.



    • High speed, with a maximum speed of up to 106 RPM.
    • Support connecting in series, simultaneously controlling up to 253 servo motors (provided that there is sufficient power) and obtaining feedback information from each motor.
    • 360° magnetic encoder, allowing for a wider angle control range.
    • High precision, with an angle control accuracy of 360°/4096.
    • Any angle can be set as the motor's midpoint, facilitating assembly.
    • Acceleration and deceleration function for smoother motion effects.
    • Compact structural design for a more aesthetically pleasing product appearance.
    • Wide voltage input range of 6-12.6V, capable of direct power supply from 2s or 3s lithium batteries.
    • High torque, up to
    • Programmable work modes: Servo mode for angle control / Motor mode for continuous rotation.



    • Input Voltage: 6-12.6V
    • Mechanical Limited Angle: No Limit
    • Rotating Angle: 360° (servo mode angle control)/motor mode continuous rotation
    • Baudrate: 1Mbps
    • Gear: high-precision metal gear
    • Idling Speed: 0.094sec/60°(106RPM)@12V
    • Position Sensor Resolution: 360°/4096
    • ID Range: 0-253
    • Feedback: Position, Load, Speed, Input Voltage, Current, Temperature
    • Load Current: 240mAA
    • Locked-rotor Current: 2.4A
    • Dimension: 45.22mm x 35mm x 24.72mm



    20kg.Cm High Speed Bus Servo Motor

    Large Torque | 360° High Precision Magnetic Encoder | 106PRM High Speed




    Package Includes



    UART Serial Bus Control

    Allows Controlling Up To 253 Bus Servo Motors At The Same Time




    Large Torque, High Speed




    Supports Installing Flat Key Shaft Flange



    360° Magnetic Encoder High Precision, Longer Lifetime




    Compact Structure Design



    Two-Way Feedback





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