PT100 RTD Probe - 2mtr Cable - Stainless Steel Probe 6mm Dia : -50ºC to 400ºC - 3 Pin
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  • PT100 RTD Probe - 2mtr Cable - Stainless Steel Probe 6mm Dia : -50ºC to 400ºC

    This high quality PT100 probe is 10cm in length and 6mm Dia. M8 screw, nuts for mounting. It has a 2 meter teflon wire probe. It provide best accuracy by cancelling out the lead resistance using 3 wire output.

    Interfacing Resources

    This product is PT100 RTD probe only and requires external circuitry and calibration to get absolute temperature readings, many different kind of instrumentation circuits can be designed to detect the resistance change of RTD with temperature variations. One such circuits is given below, any balanced resistor bridge based circuit along with difference amplifier can be used to design external circuitry of PT100. Table below is the Temperature - Resistance Table which lists resistance level of this PT100 probe as temperature varies from 0°C to 100°C and this linear relation can be used to extrapolate the resistance value for temperature values greater than 100°C.

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