RS232 To RS485 Converter (B), Active Digital Isolator, Rail-Mount support, 600W Lightningproof & Anti-Surge
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  • This is a RS232 To RS485 Converter (B), Active Digital Isolator, Rail-Mount Support, 600W Lightningproof & Anti-Surge, Multi-Isolation Protection. It is Rail-Mount RS232 To RS485 (B) with Active Digital Isolation Serial Converter and Serial port conversion for industrial, agricultural, IoT, etc.



    • Compatible with RS232/RS485 standard, converting the RS232 signal into balanced differential RS485 signal
    • Stable transmission at the rate of 300~115200bps
    • Onboard unibody power supply isolation, provides stable isolated voltage and needs no extra power supply for the isolated terminal
    • Onboard unibody digital isolation, allows signal isolation, high reliability, strong anti-interference, low power consumption
    • Onboard TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressor), effectively suppresses surge voltage and transient spike voltage in the circuit, lightningproof & anti-electrostatic
    • Onboard resettable fuse and protection diodes, ensures the current/voltage stable outputs, provide over-current/over-voltage protection, improve shock resistance
    • Integrates optional RS485 output terminal 120R resistor, enabled/disabled via a switch
    • The onboard power supply screw terminal, allows 6V~36V DC wide range input
    • Industrial rail-mount ABS case design, small in size, easy to install, and cost-effective



    User Guide



    PRODUCT TYPE Active electromagnetic isolated RS232 TO RS485 asynchronous bi-directional converter
    POWER SUPPLY INTERFACE Power supply 6~36V DC
    Protection Anti-reverse
    BAUDRATE 300 ~ 115200bps
    DEVICE PORT RS232/RS485 standard compatible
    RS232 Connector screw terminal
    Transmission distance about 15m
    Transmission mode point-to-point
    RS485 Connector screw terminal
    Direction control Hardware automatic control
    Protection 600W lightningproof and surge-suppress, 15KV ESD protection
    Terminal resistor 120R, enabled/disabled via switch
    Transmission Distance About 1.2km
    Transmission Mode point-to-multipoints (up to 32 nodes, it is recommended to use repeaters for 16 nodes or more)
    APPEARANCE Case Rail-mount ABS case
    Dimensions 91.6 × 23.3 × 58.7mm



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