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Power Punch - 1S Lithium ion battery manager module
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    Power Punch is a petite integrated management module for Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer Batteries. It protects the cell from overcharge, over-discharge, and short circuit situations. This board is the R&D of India by MAEPA and Sci-Fi Labs. 


    Technical Datasheet [PDF]



    • Multiple Voltage Output gives the user, the freedom to power multiple components.
    • Over Battery Charge, Over Battery Discharge, and Short Circuit Protection to the electronics.
    • Completely designed and Hand Soldered here in India
    • 2A of Output current
    • Battery (LGDAS31865) Charging time of 2hrs and Discharge times of 3.5hrs for 12V 0.2A load.
    • Multiple LED Indication for Battery charging, discharging, and 3.3V modes.
    • Switch between 5v and 12v
    • JST Connector for Li-Po Batteries



    Technical Datasheet



    Model Name Power Punch V1
    Cosmetics The black color with Gold Finish
    Input Voltage

    3V ~ 12V

    Output Voltage 1.8V, 3.3V, 5V, 12V
    LED Indication Red, Green, Blue
    IC TP4056
    Protection Type OverCharge, OverDischarge and Short circuit
    Output Current 1A ~ 3A
    Weight 50g
    Dimensions 35.69mm x 42.42mm x 1.6mm


    The Idea
    We as a maker frequently work with multiple voltages and we all love the popular Lithium-Ion Cells/Batteries. We work with Microcontrollers (Eg: ESP MCUs) that work on 3.3v and some popular development boards like Raspberry Pi Pico, Arduino UNO, Arduino Nano, etc. Some discrete projects need 1.8V and some projects need 12V as the power supply.

    We face the challenge of varying the voltage and sometimes we consider alternate boards for alternate voltages. A popular boost module on MT3608 acts friendly for us but it uses a potentiometer to vary the voltage, then we have to hot glue the pot and use it with a fixed voltage.


    To solve this dilemma, We thought of modifying the electronics and making them precise with the popular voltage outputs only. We decided to use the most modern tech on this project with core components.

    Package Includes

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