Official Raspberry Pi 5 Active Cooler
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  • Official Raspberry Pi 5 Active Cooler

    The Raspberry Pi Active Cooler provides an alternative cooling solution for users who wish to use their Raspberry Pi 5 under sustained heavy load without a case.

    The Raspberry Pi 5 Active Cooler is compatible with the Raspberry Pi 5 and the Raspberry Pi 5 Case. Designed for anyone who wants to push the performance of their Pi, as well as overclockers and other power users, it keeps your Raspberry Pi 5 at a comfortable operating temperature even when under heavy load thanks to both a mini heatsink that goes on top of your CPU and a fan that clips into the official Raspberry Pi 5 case.



    • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 5
    • Large metal 'finned' heatsink combined with a high-quality blower fan
    • Fan fitting compatible with the Raspberry Pi 5 fan connector
    • Variable speed fan (software/temperature controlled)
    • Uses the Raspberry Pi 5 heatsink mount holes
    • Thermal pads included (pre-fitted)


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