CH554G E8015 Core MCU, USB Device / Host, 16KB Flash, 8 Bit ADC, SOP16-150mil
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  • CH554G E8015 Core MCU, USB Device / Host, 16KB Flash, 8 Bit ADC, SOP16-150mil

    CH554 is a MCS51 compatible E8051 core microcontroller, 79% instructions of CH559 is single byte or single cycle. CH554 support 24MHz Fsys,built-in 1K + 256B RAM, 16KB iFlash-ROM. CH554 provides a wealthy interface resources, including ADC, 3 timers, PWM, UART, SPI and so on. CH554 provides 6-channel capacitive detection module, which may support 6 touch keys. CH554 built-in a full-speed USB controller, which may support USB HOST mode and USB DEVICE modes.

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    → Enhanced E8051 core CPU, 8-15 times faster than the standard MCS51, unique fast copy commandof the XRAM data;
    → Built-in 14KB Code Flash, 2KB forBootLoader, support USB and UART ISP;
    → Built-in 1KB XRAM and internal 256B iRAM; 128 bytes forDataFlash, support byte read and write;
    → Built-in 6-channel capacitive detection module, support 6 touch keys;
    → Built-in USB controller and USB transceiver, support USB2.0 full speed and low speed host or device mode.Support up to 64 bytes of data packets, built-in FIFO, support for DMA;
    → Support USB Type-C host and slave detection, power supply levelconfiguration;
    3*timer / counter, support 2-channel signal capture and 2 PWM output;
    → Provide two full duplex UART, which support high baud rate communication, and UART0 is a standard MCS51 serial port;
    → Provides one SPI communication interface, built-in FIFO, support master / slave mode;
    → Provides 4-channel 8-bit ADC, support voltage comparison;
    → Built-in 24MHz clock source and PLL, support external crystal;

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