NVIDIA JETSON Nano Module + Carrier Board + Heat Sink Combo
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    NVIDIA JETSON Nano Module + Carrier Board + Heat Sink Combo



    This is a combo pack including Jetson Nano Core computing module along with the B01 compatible carrier board and nVidia Official Heat Sink for Jetson Nano. An alternate solution to B01 Nvidia Jetson Nano Dev Kit. It has advantage over the Dev kit as it comes with 4GB of eMMC which enables faster data access, lower boot time and overall increase in system performance.

    Package Includes ;

    1. JETSON-IO-BASE-A (carrier board)
    2. Jetson Nano module
    3. Nvidia Official Heat Sink


    Write OS

    The JETSON-NANO-DEV-KIT uses the production Jetson Nano version, which has 16 EMMC for OS instead of the SD card slot.
    In this case, to write the Jetson nano, you need to use a Ubuntu 18.04 PC and the SDK Manager tools.

    Setup software

    • Environment: Ubuntu18.04 PC (virtual machine is OK)
      For download resources, you need to leave 100G memory for the ubuntu18.04 PC
    • Download SDK manager
    • For downloading resources and logging in to the SDK Manager, please create an account of the NVIDIA DEVELOPER website first.
    • Download the deb file to the Ubuntu PC, and copy the file to the user directory.
    • Open a terminal and run the following command to install the SDK manager
    • sudo apt install ./sdkmanager_[version]-[build#]_amd64.deb
    • Connect FC REC and GND pins by jumper or cable, the pins are located under the Jetson Nano module board
    • Connect power to the DC port of the Jetson Nano to power on.
    • Connect an USB cable (data available) to the Micro USB port and connect it to Ubuntu PC.
    • Write OS

    • Open a terminal in ubuntu PC, run command sdkmanager to oepn the tool
    • Log in SDK Manager
    • If the Jetson Nano is recognized normall, it will prompt the options
    • Jetson-nano-sdkmanger-1.png
    • Choose the Jetson Nano
    • In the JetPack options, please choose the newest JetPack and then Continue. Do not choose other SDK
    • Check Jetson OS option and remove Jetson SDK Components, check the first protocol
    • Jetson-nano-sdkmanger-2.png
    • Continue and wait for flashing.
    • After flashing, remove the jumper, connect a display to the Jetson Nano, power on and setup it by following prompt.

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