Helping Hand Tool - Third Hand Tool - w/ Magnifier - Soldering Iron Stand
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  • Helping Hand Tool - Third Hand Tool - w/ Magnifier - Soldering Iron Stand 

    This is the most useful tool after soldering iron for anyone involved in soldering and prototyping of electronic circuits. This tool, popularly known as Third hand tool or Helping hand tool is a flexible tool consists of various wingnuts, rods and crocodile clips. It can be adjusted in number of ways according to the specigic needs of prototyping. This particula version of tool has 2x magnifier and soldering iron stand with it. So it's a one in all tool for prototypers. A must have tool that can save you time and make prototyping, soldering easy, clean and steady.


    • Weighted casted iron base to keep the tool steady.
    • Stainless steel rods and wingnuts.
    • 2x Magnifier, Dia 2.5"
    • 2 Stainless steel high quality crocodile clips to hold PCB and Wires etc.
    • Soldering iron stand.

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    Weight of Unit - 700 Grams, It's better to use economical surface shipping for these kind of items.

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