Ebyte E32-900T30D (V8) SX1276 868/915MHz LoRa Wireless Transmitter and Receiver RF Module
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  • Ebyte E32-900T30D (V8) SX1276 868/915MHz LoRa Wireless Transmitter and Receiver RF Module


    E32-900T30D is a wireless serial port module (UART) basedon SEMTECH’s SX1276 RF chip. It has multiple transmission modes, working in the 862MHz~931MHz, LoRa spread spectrum technology, TTL output.

    SX1276 features LoRa™,which will bring longer communication distance, and has the advantages of concentrated power density, meanwhile it has a very strong confidentiality.The modules of 30dBm transmitting power adopt industrial grade crystal oscillators to ensure the stability and consistency with air data rate 2.4kps. It is widely applied in utilitymeters, IoT renovation, smart home, etc. The modules feature data encryption and compression


    User Manual



    • Advanced LoRa modulation, with the advantage of long-distance anti-interference
    • Under ideal conditions, the communication distance can reach 8km, and the transmission distance is better thantraditional GFSK
    • Fixed-point transmission, broadcast transmission, channel monitoring
    • FEC forward error correction to improve communication stability
    • Air wake-up (ultra-low power consumption), suitable for battery applications
    • Adopt industrial-grade active temperature-compensated crystal oscillator to ensure its stability and consistency
    • The maximum transmit power is 30dBm, and the software is multi-level adjustable
    • Support 868/915MHz EU general frequency band
    • The data transmission rate of 0.3k~19.2kbps
    • 3.3~5.5V power supply, power supply greater than 3.3V can guarantee the best performance
    • Industrial-grade standard design, supporting long-term use at -40~+85℃
    • IPEX/stamp hole interface for easy connection of coaxial cable or external antenna



    • Home security alarm and remote keyless entry
    • Smart home and industrial sensors
    • Wireless alarm security system
    • Building automation solutions
    • Wireless industrial-grade remote control
    • Health care products
    • Advanced Meter Reading Architecture(AMI)
    • Automotive industry applications



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