DW01V Protection IC for Single Cell Li-ion / Polymer Battery - SOT23-6
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  • Quick Overview : 

    • Package : SOT23-6
    • Overcharge Detection Voltage : 4.3V
    • Overcharge Release Voltage : 4.1V
    • Overdischarge Detection Voltage : 2.4V
    • Overdischarge Release Voltage : 3.0V
    • Overcurrent Detection Voltage : 150mV
    • Provides all the neccessary protection to Cells
    • Normally used in combination with 8205A Mosfet IC

    ​Technical Datasheet [Our stock is not from same manufacturer]

    DW01V is an easy to use protection chip for Lithium Ion / Polymer single cell battery packs. It provides overcharge, overdischarge and overcurrent discharge protection to the cell. It drives 2 external mosfets depending upon the fault condition to stop or start the charging / discharging of the cell. This IC is usually combined with MOSFET ICs like 8205A to make a complete battery protection system.

    If you have any question regarding use of this part in your design, please contact with us at [email protected] to get expert help.


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