DK1203 Secondary side Flyback type AC-DC SMPS Controller IC - DIP8
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  • DK1203 Secondary side Flyback type AC-DC SMPS Controller IC - DIP8

    The DK1203 is a secondary side flyback type AC-DC Switch Mode Power Controlling IC. With integrated 700V high voltage power transistor,patented self-power supply circuit and integrated MOS circuit design, lots of external components are saved, transformer design is simple, only two windings is needed for the transformer in isolated output circuit.Suitable for 12V 1A and 5V 2A SMPS Adapter. 

    Datasheet [PDF]

    • 85V—265V wide range AC power input.
    • Build-in 700V power transistor.
    • Internal integrated high voltage starting circuit, no need for additional resistance.
    • Integrated self-start circuit.
    • Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) controlled system.
    • VCC operating voltage range: 4-6V.
    • 65kHz switching frequency.
    • Automatically turn to skip cycle mode under light load condition.
    • Over current, Over loading, Over temperature and Over voltage Protection.
    • Standby power consumption lower then 0.3W.
    • Internal frequency modulation circuit to reduce EMI filter cost.

    Applications :

    • AC/DC power adapters
    • DVD/VCD power supply
    • Air conditioner power supply
    • Electromagnetic oven power supply
    • DVB power supply
    • LED driver applications
    • TV/Monitor power supply


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