2.4inch 240×320, General LCD Display Module, 65K RGB
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  • 2.4inch 240×320, General LCD Display Module, 65K RGB

    As a 2.4inch TFT display module with a resolution of 240 * 320, it uses the SPI interface for communication. LCD has an internal controller with basic functions, which can be used to draw points, lines, circles, and rectangles, and can display English, Chinese as well as pictures.


    We provide complete supporting Raspberry Pi demos (BCM2835 library, WiringPi library, and python demos), STM32 demos, and Arduino demos.


    User Manual / Datasheet / Example Codes Etc.



    •  240×320 resolution, 65K RGB colors, clear and colorful displaying effect

    •  SPI interface, minimizes required IO pins, supports controller boards like Raspberry Pi/Arduino/STM32

    •  Comes with development resources (examples for Raspberry Pi/Arduino/STM32)




    •  RESOLUTION 240 × 320 pixels


    •  DISPLAY SIZE : 36.72 × 48.96mm


    •  PIXEL SIZE : 0.153 × 0.153mm

    •  DRIVER : ILI9341

    •  DIMENSIONS : 70.50 × 43.30mm



    Controlled Via SPI Bus

    •  VCC Power (3.3V/5V input)

    •  GND Ground

    •  DIN SPI data input

    •  CLK SPI clock input

    •  CS Chip selection, low active

    •  DC Data/Command selection (high for data, low for command)

    •  RST Reset, low active

    •  BL Backlight




    Living Example


    Outline Dimensions

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