P10 Outdoor LED Display DIY Starter Kit - 64x16 Pixels - High Brightness RED
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  • P10 Outdoor LED Display DIY Starter Kit - 64x16 Pixels - High Brightness RED

    This kit includes everything to make your first LED display board quickly with-in 15-20 minutes. A plug and play DIY system comes with detailed instruction manual and conficguration software that you can use all by yourself. It supports all indian languages Hindi, Marathi, Bangla, Tamil, Kannada, Malyalam etc.

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    For A2 Controller

    Starter Kit User Manual 

    LED Player Software

    For ZH-UN Controller

      Download LED designer software to work with ZH-UN controller

    Getting started with ZH-UN Tutorial - Build your own LED signboard using P10 LED panels

    For ZH-WN controller (Down load this if you choose WiFi controller)

      Download LED designer software to work with ZH-WN controller

    LedP10 Arduino Library


    • Size in Pixels - 2 Panels of 32x16 each, so total size is 64x16 or 32x32.
    • Display Size - 2x0.5 feet or 1x1 feet.
    • Display Color - High brightness RED
    • Controller card type - Single color
    • Date, Time function - Inbuilt on the controller card, configurable via software as digital or analog dial
    • Language support - Supports all Indian languages Hindi, Bangla, Tamil etc.

    Package Includes:

    • 2 Nos. of 32x16 RED P10 LED panels
    • 1 Nos. 5V/40A High Quality SMPS power supply
    • 1 Nos. 220V AC mains cord wire , 2pin plug
    • 1 Nos. Controller card
    • 1 Nos. User Manual
    • 2 Nos. set of Data and Power connectors

    This set does not contain any mechanical enclosure or structure to mount your panels you have to make it on your own as per your customized requirements. Can be made using metal sheets by any local sheet metal workshop.

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