RGB Full-Color LED Matrix Panel, 3mm Pitch, 64×64 Pixels, Adjustable Brightness
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  • This product is a 64 × 64 full-color LED matrix panel with 4096 RGB LEDs onboard and 3mm pitch, which supports Raspberry Pi and Arduino, etc. It provides supporting open source demos and tutorials, suitable for makers or electronics Enthusiasts to start learning, or DIY secondary development into other desktop or wall-mounted display applications.


    Example codes for ESP32, Arduino, PICO etc 


    • 4096 individual RGB LEDs, full-color display, adjustable brightness.
    • 64 × 64 pixels, 3mm pitch, allows displaying text, colorful images, or animation.
    • 192 × 192mm dimensions, moderate size, suitable for DIY desktop display or wall mount display.
    • Onboard two HUB75 headers, one for controller data input, one for output, and chain support.
    • Provides open-source development resources and tutorials, for use with Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and so on.



    Chainable Design - Can attach multiple panels in series



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