USR-TCP232-T1 UART TTL to Ethernet TCP/IP UDP Converter - Modbus RTU to TCP/IP
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  • USR-TCP232-T1  UART TTL to Ethernet TCP/IP UDP Converter - Modbus RTU to TCP/IP

    USR-TCP232-T1 is a module that  to quickly realize transparent transmission of network port and serial port data. All data protocol conversions are processed internally. Users only need simple configuration to realize serial port data to the network. end transmission. The product has its own communication port, supports TCP/UDP protocol, and supports DHCP and DNS functions. Product parameters can be configured through serial port AT, network configuration protocol or built-in Web, which is simple and fast. The product is stable and reliable, high and low temperature resistant, both packages can be integrated into the embedded development board faster, the product is widely used in instrumentation, access control attendance, smart home, industrial control all-in-one machine, medical equipment and other application scenarios.



    • Small-sized Ethernet module, pin type and SMD type can be selected for embedded integrated development
    • The baud rate of the serial port can be set from 300bps to 921.6Kbps, and it supports five types of verification: None, Odd, Even, Mark, and Space
    • Working mode can choose TCP Client, TCP Server, UDP Client, UDP Server, HTTPD Client
    • Support Modbus gateway function, easily realize ModbusRTU and ModbusTCP protocol conversion
    • Support automatic polling Modbus command, collect data in milliseconds, optional transparent
    • The number of clients connected to TCP Server can reach 16, and the connected IP can be displayed, and the data sent/received is calculated according to the connection
    • In TCP Server mode, when the number of connections reaches the maximum, the new connection Whether to kick off the old connection can be set
    • Support TCP Client short connection function, short connection disconnection time customization
    • Support overtime restart (no data restart) function, restart time customization
    • Customize the registration package and heartbeat package mechanism to ensure the authenticity and reliability of the connection and eliminate dead connections;
    • DHCP function, can automatically obtain IP; domain name resolution function, DNS server address can be customized settings
    • 10/100Mbps self-adaptive Ethernet interface, support AUTO-MDIX network cable crossover direct connection automatic switching
    • Support virtual serial port, supporting independent Developed USR-VCOM software
    • A variety of parameter setting methods: WEB setting, AT command setting, serial port protocol configuration, network protocol setting
    • The only MAC in the world can be programmed at the factory, and both software and hardware can be restored to factory settings
    • Industrial-grade design, high and low temperature resistance, ultra-high reliability.

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