USR-TCP232-T0 UART TTL to Ethernet Converter Module
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  • USR-TCP232-T0 Low Cost Serial Port to Ethernet Converter Module

    USR-TCP232-T0 is a module that quickly realizes transparent transmission of network port and serial port data. All data protocol conversions are processed internally. Users only need simple configuration to realize the transmission of data from the serial port to the network. The product has its own RJ45 network port, supports TCP/UDP and HTTP protocols, and supports DHCP and DNS functions. Product parameters can be configured through serial AT, network configuration protocol or built-in Web, which is simple and fast. Pin-type design, faster integration into field applications, products are widely used in industrial PLC supervision and control, medical device network monitoring, industrial automation network monitoring and other application scenarios.



    • 10Mbps Ethernet interface
    • Working mode can choose TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP Client, UDP Server
    • Serial port baud rate can be set from 300bps to 921600bps
    • TCP Server supports up to 16 ways of Client access
    • Support custom registration package and custom heartbeat package
    • Various parameter configuration methods, built-in web, AT commands and network protocols can be configured
    • Support overtime restart (no data restart) function, restart time customization
    • Support DHCP and DNS protocol, DNS server address can be set
    • Support virtual serial port, supporting USR-VCOM software independently developed by someone



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