LilyGo T-Display-S3 ESP32-S3 1.9inch LCD Display Development Board - Non Solder Header (H569)
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  • T-Display-S3 Non Solder ESP32-S3 1.9inch LCD Display Touch Screen Development Board

    LILYGO® T-Display-S3 ESP32-S3 1.9 inch LCD Display Development Board WIFI Bluetooth5.0 Wireless Module 170*320 Resolution

    T-Display-S3 is a development board whose main control chip is ESP32-S3. It is equipped with a 1.9-inch LCD color screen and two programmable buttons. Communication using the I8080 interface Retains the same layout design as T-Display. You can directly use ESP32S3 for USB communication or programming.

    User Manual / Datasheet Example Codes Etc.

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