Rail-mount SX1262 LoRa Data Transfer Unit, RS232/RS485/RS422 to LoRa, LF 410-510MHz, Power Supply & Serial Cables Included
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    SX1262-LoRa-DTU is a wireless data transfer unit with RS232, RS485 and RS422 interfaces based on the SX1262 module. Adopts LoRa Modulate and Demodulate technology, with the advantages of anti-interference and long-distance communication (up to 5KM). Supports point-to-point, point-to-multipoints, relay network, AES, etc. Compact size and easy to install, suitable for the wireless data transmission and device control of industrial standard or non-standard user protocol

    This Product is LF 410 ~ 510MHz variant. 


    Package Includes : 
    • SX1262-LoRa-DTU (HF 850-930MHz) x1
    • Magnetic CB antenna x1
    • Female to female serial cable ~1.5m x1
    • 12V 1A power supply x1


    • Adopts LoRa Modulate and Demodulate technology, anti-interference and long-distance communication
    • Adopts the original SX1262 chip, with -148dBm reception sensitivity and 22dBm emitt power
    • Supports preamble detection, with CRC, automatic packetization, 960 bytes cache functions
    • Supports LBT sending, RSSI output, AT command configuration
    • AES communication to ensure data transmission security
    • Supports multi-level relay networking to increase the wireless communication distance
    • Supports host configuration and firmware upgrade (support firmware customization for batch order)
    • Adopts high-quality components such as TCXO to ensure stable operation under harsh working conditions
    • Comes with development resources and manual

    Note: It does not support RS232, RS485, RS422 to LoRa at the same time, and RS232, RS485, RS422 cannot be converted to each other at the same DTU.


    Multiple Communication Methods

    Can Be Set Via Software

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