SGL8022W Single-channel DC LED touch control chip - SOP8
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  • SGL8022W Single-channel DC LED touch control chip - SOP8

    SGL8022W is a single-channel touch chip for LED lightness regulation. This chip can control the on-off state of LED light and regulate its lightness on a continuous range, which could be used on incandescent and halogen.


    • Lightness could be regulated optionally on a wide range with a low operational difficulty.
    • High applicability. Touching function is still effective with the existance of medium (such as glass, arcrylic, plastic, ceram, etc.) isolation.
    • A wide range of applied voltage, which could be chosen optionally within 2.4V~5.5V.
    • Low cost. SGL8022W could be drived by a simple peripheral circuit, easy to machining.
    • High stability and good anti-interfere property. SGL8022W has a value of EFT over ±2KV.
    • Under the interference of mobile phones which exist in a near-field and multi-angle situation, the touching sensitivity and response time of SGL8022W proves to be fine. 


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