Digital LTR390-UV Ultraviolet Sensor (C), Direct UV Index Value Output, I2C Interface
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  • The UV Sensor (C) is an I2C digital UV sensor module which incorporates LTR390-UV-01, designed for measuring ultraviolet ray as well as visible light, and providing light intensity value output. With features including sensitive detection, fast response, and small form factor, the UV Sensor (C) integrates the main sensor LTR390-UV-01 on its 27 × 20mm body, allowing easy integration into other devices.

    • Incorporates LTR390-UV-01, for measuring ultraviolet ray and visible light
    • Embedded ADC, direct light intensity value output via I2C bus, less noise interference
    • Supports interrupt output, programmable upper/lower threshold
    • Onboard voltage translator, compatible with 3.3V/5V operating voltages
    • Comes with development resources and manual (examples for Raspberry Pi/Arduino/STM32)

    Package Includes

    • UV Sensor (C) x1
    • PH2.0 5PIN wire x1


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