Isolated RS485 RS232 Expansion HAT for Raspberry Pi, SPI Control
Make: WaveShare Electronics Co.
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    RS485 RS232 HAT is an isolated RS485 and RS232 expansion board specially designed by Waveshare for Raspberry Pi. It adopts SC16IS752+SP3485, SP3232 scheme, built-in power isolation, ADI magnetic coupling isolation, and TVs and other protection circuits.



    • Based on Raspberry Pi 40pin GPIO interface, suitable for Raspberry Pi series motherboards
    • Using SC16IS752 and SP3485, SP3232 multi-chip combination scheme can realize SPI to RS485, RS232, the communication rate is up to 921600bps
    • RS485 supports manual or automatic sending and receiving of data, which can be set by a DIP switch
    • RS485 onboard resettable fuse and protection diode can ensure a stable output of current and voltage, prevent overcurrent and overvoltage, and improve shock resistance
    • Onboard TVS (transient voltage suppression tube), can effectively suppress the surge voltage and transient peak voltage in the circuit, and protect against lightning and static electricity.
    • Onboard power supply and serial port transceiver indicators, easy to check the module power supply and communication status
    • Lead out the SPI control interface for easy access to main control boards such as Arduino
    • Provide complete supporting information manuals (C and python sample programs and user manuals, etc.)



    User Manual and Specifications 


    Serial port expansion chip SC16IS752
    RS485 transceiver SP3485
    RS232 transceiver SP3232
    Communication Interface  SPI
    Communication rate 300~921600 bps
    Operating Voltage 3.3V to 5V
    Dimensions  65*56.5 (in mm)
    Via diameter 3.0mm
    Weight 0.033kg


    Package Includes

    1. RS485 RS232 HAT x1
    2. 2x20PIN header x1
    3. Standoffs pack (2pcs) x1


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