Industrial serial server, RS232 to RJ45 Ethernet, TCP/IP to serial, rail-mount support
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  • Industrial serial server, RS232 to RJ45 Ethernet, TCP/IP to serial, rail-mount support

    This is an RS232 device data acquisitor / IoT gateway designed for an industrial environment. It combines multi functions in one, including serial server, Modbus gateway, MQTT gateway, RS232 to JSON, etc. The module features RS232 and an Ethernet port and uses screw terminals for power input. The rail-mount case design is small in size and easy to install. It is very suitable for collecting all kinds of RS232 instruments and sensors in the industrial field, including the collection of local networks or the autonomous collection and delivery of uploaded cloud servers.


    User Manual / Datasheet / Example Codes Etc.



    • Supports TCP server, TCP client, UDP mode, and UDP multicast. As a TCP client, it also supports TCP server-side functions. Supports 30 TCP connections as a TCP server and 7 destination IPs as a TCP client.
    • Supports the baud rate of 1200~115200bps, the data bit supports 5~9 bits, and the parity bit can be no check, odd check, even check, mark, or space.
    • Support the function of sending MAC address on device connection, which is convenient for cloud management of devices.
    • Provides a secondary development kit DLL development library for computer-side search and configuration of devices.
    • Support Web browser configuration, support DHCP dynamic acquisition of IP, DNS protocol connection name server addresses.
    • Support remote search for devices, configure device parameters and upgrade device demos in the cloud.
    • Support remote viewing of the TCP connection status, serial port data sending, and receiving the status of the device through software. The virtual serial port supports the data monitoring function.





    Primary Function



    Modbus Gateway Support



    Multi Communication Modes



    Interface Introduction





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