STM32 - QFP144 - Programming Adapter - Burn-In Socket
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  • STM32 - QFP144 - Programming Adapter - Burn-In Socket

    Yamaichi IC Test & Burn-in Socket with a simple board, specifically designed for STM32 Microcontroller in QFP144 (0.5mm pitch) Package.

    Features - 

    • 20 Pin JTAG/ SWD Port and 4 Pin USART1 Port for Programming/ Testing.
    • External crystal can be connected through on board socket to supply system clock to target device.
    • On board 32.768 KHz Crystal Oscillator.
    • Two LED indicators for testing, connected to I/O port via Jumpers
    • All the MCU Pins are accessible through expansion header on 2,54mm headers.

    Supported Devices - 

    • STM32 Microcontrollers in QFP144 Package 0.5mm Pitch with compatible pins
    • STM32F10xZ Series
    • STM32L1xxZ Series
    • STM32F2xxZ Series
    • STM32F4xxZ Series
    • Specific on-board "Device Selection Jumper" to be configured for specific device to be programmed.

    1. JTAG/ SWD Port for Programming, compatible with ST-Link, J-Link, ULink2, STX-RLink

    2. USART1 Port, for ISP Programming, Serial Debugging 

    3. LED Indicators, for Quick testing

    4. Labelled pin headers connected to MCU Pins, very useful for functional expansion

    5. Boot mode configuration, Configuring BOOT0, BOOT1 via Jumpers 

    6. 3V3 Onboard Regulator

    7. 5V Power Input, DC Jack or 2-Pin header

    8. External Crystal Socket

    9. Power Indicators

    10. Device Selection Jumpers

          Short the upper headers for STM32F2xx, STM32F4xx, Lower headers for STM32F1xx, STM32L1xx

    11. LED Jumpers, to connect/ disconnect LEDs from MCU Pins

    12. 32.768K Crystal for Internal RTC, Bottom side

    Package Includes - 

    1x STM32 QFP144 Programming Adapter Burn-in Socket Board

    1x USB Power Cable


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